Commercial Litigation

The risk of litigation is always present in a competitive business environment, especially one involving information technology products and services.

No one wants to sue or be sued, but everyone recognizes that business disputes sometimes result in litigation. When that occurs, you need capable, experienced and effective trial and appellate counsel.

We represent clients in a wide variety of commercial disputes in the state and federal courts of the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland, as well as before alternative dispute organizations such as the American Arbitration Association.

Our most common cases include prosecution or defense of cases involving money damages, injunctions, claims for specific performance and declaratory judgments, such as:

  • Contract claims involving payment, performance and termination disputes between customers and vendors, prime contractors and subcontractors or suppliers, lessors and lessees, lenders and borrowers, and parties to teaming agreements
  • Litigation over the misappropriation or unauthorized disclosure of confidential business data and trade secrets
  • Claims involving unlawful competition, such as wrongful interference with contract or potential business opportunities and business conspiracies
  • Claims involving misrepresentation and fraud
  • Disputes among business owners over the control and management of the enterprise
  • Private (“qui tam”) actions under the federal False Claims Act
  • Consumer class actions under statutes such as the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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