Grants, Cooperative Agreements,
and CRADAs

Cordatis represents awardees (e.g., grantees, cooperators, and CRADA Participants) and contractors in certain federal grant, cooperative agreement, CRADA, contract and subcontract matters.

  • Grant, Cooperative Agreement, and CRADA Applications. We review grant, cooperative agreement, and CRADA applications and draft agreements to spot legal issues, such as the requirements of the prospective grant, cooperative agreement or CRADA relating to the generation or use of intellectual property.
  • Grant, Cooperative Agreement, and CRADA Awards. Under the appropriate circumstances, we represent an awardee in a court action seeking to overturn or defend the award.
  • Regulatory Compliance. We review the award and help the awardee comply with the agency’s requirements set forth in the award document and in the documents incorporated into such agreement.
  • Agreement Administration. We help awardees with problems arising during award performance, such as changes to the scope or funding of the award.
  • Direct and Indirect Costs. We assist awardees with respect to the legal requirements associated with direct and indirect cost matters arising under the award. We usually work in tandem with the awardee’s accountants, or can recommend accountants conversant with the applicable cost principles.
  • Audits. We assist awardees with respect to the legal requirements associated with responding to audits. We often work together with the awardee’s accountants.
  • Procurement of Goods and Services. Awardees often need to buy goods and services to perform under the award. We help awardees decide whether to issue a solicitation for a cost, time and materials or firm fixed price contract, and assist with the drafting of the request for proposals and the award process.
  • Subcontracts. We represent awardees in the drafting and negotiation of subcontracts, subcontract administration, subcontract modifications, and disputes.
  • Close out and post-award transition. At the completion of the project, we help awardees with legal requirements associated with close-out and post-award matters, such as the retention or transfer of real or intellectual property (e.g., software and systems) developed under the award.


Representative Grant Matters

  • Successfully assisted grantee in response to a subpoena and later negotiations with Department of Justice regarding payments made under cooperative agreements.
  • Represented grantee consortium in a $45 million Department of Education cooperative agreement in grant administrative matters.  Projects included the drafting, issuance, evaluation and award of multi-million dollar contracts to large business vendors; contract administration, including defense of change orders and the termination and substitution of contractors; intellectual property rights to grant deliverables; and grant close out and transition matters.
  • Successfully represented quasi-governmental entity in a wrongful instrument challenge before the Government Accountability Office to the issuance of grant by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Assisted non-profit association grant recipient under a Department of Health and Human Services grant to review, revise and negotiate contracts with vendors to perform under grant.


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