Intellectual Property

Cordatis attorneys provide the following IP services to our clients:

  • Intellectual property and business counseling for software, hardware, telecommunications and Internet-based start-ups and established companies
  • IP strategic and compliance counseling for government contractors at any tier
  • IP-related transactions

Government Contract IP and Business Counseling

Procurement contracts and the several types of assistance agreements with the federal government involving a broad range of research and development activities are governed by specific statutes and regulations affecting the allocation of rights to intellectual property generated or used in the performance of such agreements. These rules affect ownership, use, and disclosure of such intellectual property and can differ significantly, based on the type of intellectual property generated or used (e.g., inventions, trade secrets, technical data, software), the agency awarding the agreement (e.g., DOD, DOE, NASA), certain characteristics of the contractor or grantee/cooperator (e.g., large/small business, not-for-profit entity, educational institution), the type of agreement (e.g., procurement contract, grant, cooperative agreement, CRADA, or Other Transaction Agreement), and the location of the owning or developing entity in the contracting hierarchy (e.g., prime contractor/awardee, subcontractor/subawardee, or supplier).

Our expertise in the identification, negotiation, and resolution of the complex issues arising at the legal intersection of government contracts and intellectual property throughout the government market environment uniquely positions us to provide effective, efficient, and timely assistance to contractors or other entities encountering such challenges at any contracting tier.

General & Transactional IP

Our general intellectual property practice consists of:

  • Licensing all forms of intellectual property, primarily within or relating to the federal procurement or assistance context
  • Preparing and negotiating transactional documents related to intellectual property such as use and non-disclosure agreements, joint development agreements, contractor teaming and consortium agreements, government solicitation and marketing agreements, and escrow agreements

Trade Secrets

We also have experience in developing trade secret protection and enforcement strategies, tailored to meet the security and operational requirements of a specific project, contract, or research and development opportunity.


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