Business & Employment Litigation

When business disputes wind up in court, vital rights are at stake. Those rights must be protected — capably, decisively, and efficiently.

We have years of experience successfully litigating cases in federal and state courts and administrative hearings in the Washington metropolitan area and throughout the United States. Our litigation team knows how to achieve positive results for you or your business in trials before judges and juries, appeals, arbitrations, mediations and administrative proceedings.

We regularly litigate matters covering a wide spectrum of business issues, including:

  • Commercial disputes involving breach of contract, unfair trade practices, breach of warranties and enforcement of financial obligations
  • Employment disputes involving unlawful discrimination, harassment, compensation and benefits issues, unlawful termination, breach of confidentiality obligations and non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Protection of trade secrets and other confidential business information against misappropriation and improper disclosure
  • Wrongful business practices (business torts) involving tortious interference with prospective or existing contracts, breach of fiduciary duty, business conspiracy or fraud
  • Government contract disputes involving bid protests, claims, suspension and debarment, civil and criminal fraud and size appeals
  • Challenges to unlawful or arbitrary government regulations and regulatory decisions
  • Business organization ownership and control disputes among stockholders, members, partners and investors, including stockholder derivative claims
  • Arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Case Management Philosophy

Clients are justifiably concerned about the cost, delay, and diversion of management and employee resources required to go to court. Cordatis has repeatedly demonstrated that a small team of lawyers can represent clients successfully in intense litigation, involving high stakes, and against much larger trial teams.

We invest in advanced technology and expertise to manage litigation and present your case in the courtroom more effectively. As we prepare a case, we leverage these technologies to coordinate work, share documents electronically and integrate our resources with yours to work together as efficient partners.

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