, LLC; Radus Software LLC/Radus CTA; Mobomo, LLC

Bid protests challenging the agency’s evaluation of technical quotations are sustained where the record shows that the agency applied unstated evaluation criteria in the evaluation under the key personnel experience and past performance evaluation factors, and where the agency did not adequately document the basis for assigning adjectival ratings for the technical evaluation.     […]

Octo Metric, LLC

Bid protest alleging that agency misevaluated proposals and made an unreasonable source selection decision is denied where the record shows that the agency’s evaluation was reasonable and consistent with the terms of the solicitation.      

QVine Corporation; Digital Age Experts, LLC

1. Agency reasonably assessed a significant weakness in protester’s technical proposal based on protester’s failure to meaningfully address solicitation requirements regarding information security. 2. Agency evaluated technical proposals in a manner that was consistent with the solicitation’s evaluation criteria, which provided for assessing the extent to which proposals balanced the solicitation’s potentially competing objectives of […]