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Ohio LGRP Electronic Records Management Guidelines

Electronic records management guidelines.

Managing Electronic Mail

These Guidelines were accepted by the Ohio Electronic Records Committee at their meeting on October 5, 2000. They have been adapted for local governments.

Statement on Maintaining Digitally Imaged Records

State Archives of Ohio statement on maintaining digitally imaged records permanently.

Sample Internet, Email, and Online Services Use Policy

This sample policy for internet, email or online services users is to be used by entities when creating their own policies for internet, email or online services users.

Digital Document Imaging

Recommendations for State of Ohio local governments.

Databases as Public Records Guidelines

These recommended guidelines were created by the Ohio Electronic Records Committee and have been adapted for use by the Ohio Historical Society Local Government Records Program.

State of Ohio IT Policy: Electronic Records

The purpose of this electronic records policy is to (a) establish uniform electronic records guidelines for all state agencies; and (b) support the creation and maintenance of electronic records to ensure integrity, usability and survivability.