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Universal Protection Service, LP dba Allied Universal Security Services

Bid protest that the agency improperly evaluated past performance by crediting the awardee with the past performance of its corporate affiliate, which served as the incumbent contractor, is denied where the awardee’s responses to discussions showed that the affiliate’s resources would be meaningfully involved in performance by the awardee, the discussions held with both offerors […]

GAO Protest Decision Information International Associates, Inc.

Agency unreasonably evaluated awardee’s proposal as containing a strength where the added benefit identified by the agency was either not consistent with the terms of the solicitation or not adequately supported by the record, and the agency unreasonably evaluated the protester’s proposal as containing a weakness where the awardee’s proposal was not materially different from […]

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. Bid Protest

Bid protest challenging agency’s evaluation of proposals and source selection decision is denied where the record shows that the agency reasonably performed a price realism analysis and evaluated technical proposals in accordance with the solicitation.        

Oracle America, Inc.

Bid protest alleging that the agency failed to recognize several aspects of protester’s proposal as strengths is denied where the record demonstrates that the agency’s evaluation was reasonable and consistent with the terms of the solicitation.      

Gonzales Consulting Services, Inc.

Bid protest challenging agency’s evaluation of proposals is denied where the record shows that the evaluation was reasonable and consistent with the terms of the solicitation.    

Exeter Government Services, LLC

GAO dismissed the protest based on an alleged out of scope procurement because the protester failed to show prejudice.      

Defending Against a GAO Bid Protest: Protecting Your Contract Award

Most government contractors know they can protest a contract award to another competitor at the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”).  

Bid Protests Challenging “Other Transaction Agreement” Procurements

On May 31, 2018, GAO, for the first time, sustained a bid protest in connection with an “Other Transaction Agreement” (“OTA”). See Oracle America, Inc. B-416061, May 31, 2018, 2018 CPD ¶ ___.      

Joint Venture Agreements: Make a List and Check it Twice

When the Government issues a procurement as a set aside for entities within a specified small business status program (e.g. SDVOSB, VOSB, EDWOSB, WOSB, 8(a), HUBZone, and small business), eligible companies may not have the capacity or experience to successfully compete for the work on their own.  

Should I File a Bid Protest at GAO?

You were just notified by the government that your proposal, for an important government contract or task order that you were hoping to be awarded, was unsuccessful. The question that immediately jumps to your mind is “what, if anything, can I do to change this result?” The answer to that question depends on a number […]